Jakarta International Stencil Art “Divergence”

Jakarta International Stencil Art
” Divergence ”
at North Art Space – Pasar Seni Ancol Jakarta

ABOVE (USA), Arie Dyanto, Aswino Aji, BTOY (Spain), CZARNOBYL (Germany), Farhansiki, Farid Stevy, GOIN (France), GLAM RURY (Poland), JAH, JINKS KUNST (France), LECKOMIO (Germany), M-CITY (Poland), Mathew Currant (USA), PISA 73 (Germany), REFLECT, Sigit Bapak, STENZILLA, TOTAL TEROR, UBC.

Ari Wijaya – Frigidanto Agung – Selo Riemulyadi

March, 5 – April, 5 2011
10.00 am – 8.00 pm

March, 4 2011 7.00 pm

March, 6 2011 12.00 am

Artist Talk:
March, 6 2011 3.00 pm


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